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Orthodontic Care

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Sperling has been practicing since 1998 and has improved the smile of thousands of patients. She employs the most advanced techniques available to help you achieve your goals with the least inconvenience possible. There are many options for invisible braces including crystal cosmetic braces (clear) or Invisalign.

It's not only about a pretty smile, either. Very often a maloclussion (misaligned bite) will lead to headaches, bite or TMJ problems. Braces move and align the teeth into proper position by using brackets and wires. From pressure exerted by the archwire, braces carefully shift the position of your teeth into the desired alignment.

Clear Braces, Metal Braces or Invisalign

Clear Braces or Metal Braces

According to the A.D.A. "Braces (also called orthodontic appliances) can be as inconspicuous-or as noticeable-as you like. Brackets-the part of the braces that attach to each tooth-are smaller and can sometimes be attached to the back of the tooth, making the brackets less noticeable. Brackets may be made of metal, ceramic, plastic or a combination of these materials. Some brackets are clear or tooth-colored." Crystal cosmetic braces are a modern cosmetic alternative to metal brackets.

For more details, visit the American Dental Association (ADA).