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Whiter Teeth in 45-60 Minutes with ZOOM!

Norman Dental Center is the only dental office in Greenpoint offering ZOOM! - the "Most Effective" teeth whitening according to Women's Health Magazine. In a Philips ZOOM! Ultimate case study, patients achieved an average of 11 shades and several patients saw whitening results of 14 shades whiter.

What to Expect During Your ZOOM! Treatment

The ZOOM! Procedure consists of up to four 15 minute sessions in our office. For each session, your teeth will be covered in whitening gel and then exposed to light from the ZOOM! Whitespeed lamp. It's a relaxing, pain-free experience more reminiscent of a spa than a dental office. So bring your head phones, lie back and relax, maybe even take a nap. You are 45-60 minutes away from a brand new smile.

ZOOM! is one of the most effective whitening systems on the market, and very convenient. While ZOOM! remains one of our most popular cosmetic treatments, some patients may experience sensitivity for a few days after treatment and all patients whiten at a different rate.

Zoom! Whitening